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posted Dec 30, 2013, 8:44 AM by Debbie Butler
As I was praying at the community prayer, held at SpeedWay Christian Fellowship  Tuesdays @ 10:00am - 12:00pm, I heard these words in my heart:  ‘ALL IN‘.  At the same time I saw a picture of a poker table and the player had just pushed all his chips to the center of the table and said, “I’m all in”.   I don’t play poker so I googled to find out what that term meant.  (Down deep I knew what it meant but was trying to evade what God was saying to me.)  "All in" is a gambling term (esp. poker) It refers to a player committing his entire remaining chips / money to the current bet. In essence it means  "do-or-die“.. It means an irreversible and complete commitment with the added subtext of feeling very confident in the commitment.  It also said that in video games, "all in" meant that you were devoting your army to a "do or die" effort. In other words, you were either going to win or lose in the next battle. The "all in" meant that you typically brought all of your soldiers to fight, holding none back.  It also means "fully committed"

My next step was finding out what God was trying to tell me, like that was going to be hard!!!  I was just trying to postpone the enviable.   I knew exactly what He was saying!!

About 18 years ago, I was at a women’s retreat, it was powerful.  I watched the pastor who was preaching, Annette Tracy, thinking “I want to be like her”.  She had a strong anointing, she was bold, she was what I wanted to be.  I went back to my room shaking like a leaf.  I knew God was wanting to talk to me.  I got my pj’s on and got in bed with my notebook and pen and waited.  There were four of us sharing a room and we were all talking about the service and one of the women looked at me and said that God was all over me.  I knew that, I was still shaking!!!!  I began to write as He spoke:  “Exchange your will for mine.  There is a price to pay and it will not always be an easy price.  You will be misunderstood my family, you will be misunderstood by friends.  Are you willing to pay the price to walk in my anointing as you never have.  It won’t always be easy but the rewards will be great.  The road will be hard at times and lonely at others but rest assured I will never leave you nor forsake you.  When you go through the fire I will be there.  When you go through the water I will be there.  Your life will never be the same, you can never go back.  Will you pay the price I’m asking of you to have the anointing I have for you? “   I had reached a point where God was asking me for total commitment.  He was taking me to another level!  Wow, let me tell you He was right on!  Once I said “yes”, which, by the way,  took me weeks to do, everything began to come to pass just like He said. 

Now here I am 18 years later and God spoke to me again,  ‘ALL IN‘, ‘do or die‘, ‘fully committed‘!!!  What was He trying to say???!!!!!!   I knew exactly what He was saying, “It’s time to go to another level in Me.”  He was saying, “I want you to go ‘ALL IN’ for me“, no holding back, no halfway,  no compromise, It’s ‘do or die’ time!  Now is the time to be ‘fully committed’ to Me and to what I have called you to do!!!  I thought I was, but as it became clearer I realized there were things God called me to do that I had let fall to the sidelines.  There were things in my life that I thought were more important than God.  Now, it’s time to make a decision, I can throw a fit and act like God doesn‘t know what He is talking about, ignore His voice, or I can surrender and go ‘ALL IN‘!!  

We as Christians like to believe that we are fully committed to what God has called us to do or be.  Oh yes, Father,  I’ll go where you want me go!   I’ll say what You want me to say!   I’ll be what You want me to be!   Easy to say!  Yet when something, we think is more important, comes along we go do that without even giving God or His Word, or the commitment we made to Him,  a second thought.  If it feels good, we do it!  If we want it, we go for it!  Other things and people first!  Then we say, “God understands.“  God is calling us to be ‘ALL IN’, no holding back, no half-way, ’fully committed’.  Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with ALL thy heart, and with ALL thy soul, and with ALL thy mind.  This is the first and great commandment.  (Mat 22:37-38  If ye love me, keep my commandments. ( Joh 14:15 ) 

 Jesus is fully committed to us!   When He went ‘ALL IN’,  He went  to the cross for us!  He went all the way to death!  He didn’t stop along the way to do His own thing.  He didn’t find something more important to do!  No, He was “fully committed” or “ALL IN”.  Shouldn’t we be the same when it comes to our commitment to Him and what He has called us to do and be?   God is not looking for a wishy-washy, lukewarm, do my own thing people!  He is looking for people who will say ‘Yes’ to His will and to His way!!  He is looking for people who are ‘aglow and burning with the Holy Ghost’, people who are ‘on fire’ for Him.  He is looking for people who will not compromise, but will go ‘ALL IN’, ‘DO OR DIE’, people who are ‘FULLY COMMITTED’.  People who will let nothing or nobody stop them from doing what He has called them to do!  Will you be that person?  

Your asking me, “what are you going to do“?  I’m going “ALL IN”  baby!!!  No ’ands’, ’ifs’, or ’buts’!!!!  I just shoved everything to the center of the table!!!