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Move of God

posted Jul 15, 2013, 11:28 AM by Debbie Butler
I am constantly amazed as I stand in the presence of Jehovah God! We are seeing a mighty move of the presence of God in each service at SWCF! All I can say again is "SOMETHINGS MOVING, SOMETHINGS CHANGING, WE SEE HIS GLORY, EXPERIENCING HEAVEN ON EARTH"!! Jehovah God has started something here and it just keeps getting "gooder and gooder"! We are seeing people get saved and they are walking the walk not just talking the talk. You know they really get saved when their husband/wife and kids tell you they have changed! Praise God!! We are seeing people healed, delivered and made whole.   We are seeing signs, wonders, and miracles at a more rapid pace than ever before! Several years ago someone prophesied that miracles would began to pop like popcorn, it's happening and will continue even faster in the near future! God is so awesome!

 As a result of this, we baptized a family of four at Lake Ray Roberts this past Saturday!  Praise God!  We will be baptizing more this coming Saturday at the pastor's home!  We are so excited at what God is doing!

It's all Jehovah God, not us, we take none of the glory, we've just done what He spoke at the beginning "give me a place where I can touch my people".   We have done that to the best of our ability and He is faithful!!! If you are wanting the power of God and not just a form of religion, SWCF, is just the place for you!!!  We invite you to join us any time!!