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posted Sep 10, 2013, 5:21 PM by Debbie Butler
What a powerful move of God we are experiencing at SpeedWay Christian Fellowship! We are experiencing healings, miracles, salvations, and joy! The gifts of the Spirit are in operation, even in our kids! God is pouring out of His Spirit on all flesh! One little boy, 7, testified of having lost his stylus pencil that went to his DS. He told us that he then prayed, and that God showed him exactly where it was. He was so excited! Another boy, 10, told his granny that he felt the Holy Spirit. He said the Holy Spirit made his insides shake! 
We have had testimonies of high blood pressure healed, and of blood sugar that returned to normal, no insulin needed! We have had reports of people that no longer needed their medications. (We never tell anyone to stop taking their medication, but once they are healed the doctor then takes them off!) We have seen cancer leave, and the dead raised and brought back to life! We have seen salvations take place, where people are really changed!
God impressed on us as we were praying, that we were waiting on something that’s already here. It’s already happening!! Revival is not a man, it’s not a series of meetings; it’s Him - touching and changing His people, reviving them. As a result, we have stopped looking for revival to happen "some day," because it is here and it is happening right NOW. We have stopped looking for a man to start a revival, but we are looking to the Holy Spirit!! We ARE being revived! We ARE being changed!! We ARE seeing a mighty manifestation of His power and His glory! 

As a result of all that God is doing, we are seeing growth in the church. God is adding to our SWCF family! We are seeing the vision God gave us taking place right before our eyes, exceeding abundantly above all that we could even imagine!! 
Yes, we are seeing the beginning of the fire of revival in each and every service and it is amazing! We take no glory for what God is doing, as we are merely the vessels that He is using! It's all the Holy Spirit, and we expect that it's only going to get more powerful as the days go by!! We are a church that was born in a revival in 1995 and we are still seeing the power of God!!! God is so awesome and we give Him all the glory!!!