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Who Has Your Attention?

posted Jan 5, 2011, 4:42 AM by Debbie Butler

I heard something not long ago that really got me to thinking. Someone said, “He who has your ear, has your attention. He who has your attention, has your behavior.” Who are we listening too? Who has our attention? Is our behavior lining up with what we know is right?

The serpent in the garden began to talk to Eve. He began to twist the truth. When she began to listen, he had her attention and then she began to behave accordingly. It then affected her life and brought about her down fall.

To many times we as Christians we listen to the wrong voice. We begin to believe his lies. Our behavior changes and we say and do things that don’t line up with the Word of God. We say and do things to tear others down instead of edifying and building them up. Our behavior will effect our lives and bring destruction.

Not long ago we had something happen. We prayed about it and God brought about victory. Others didn’t see that God had caused truth to prevail and they began to listen to the wrong voice. Then their behavior changed and they began to say things to hurt us. It wasn’t easy to keep listening to God’s voice. Are we perfect, no, in all honesty we want to retaliate, but we wanted to please Him more than anything else. We will continue to pray and as God brings the Word to our heart, and act accordingly. As a result we have the favor of God and He has blessed us as we have continued to walk in love and listen to the voice of truth.

So today I am asking you, who has your ear? Who has your attention? Who has your behavior? Let’s do a check up from the neck up, and see who we are listening to. Let’s tune into God’s voice and let Him have our attention. Then our behavior will line up so we can began to imitate Him and walk in love.